What Does “Redefinition” Look Like?

Most educators are becoming familiar with the SAMR Model, a framework designed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura to “help educators infuse technology into teaching and learning” (Shrock). While there are four equally important aspects to the SAMR Model, this post is going to look at R = Redefinition.

What exactly is the “Redefinition” of the SAMR Model? And how can we implement it into our classrooms? Let’s take a look!

Drag your cursor to 1:46 to see these teachers practice redefinition:

How is this “Redefinition”? Ask yourself these questions:

Could the teachers have played back the golf ball bouncing in slow motion without the technology?

Could the teachers have watched the movement of the ball at varying speeds if this lesson had been taught without the technology?

Have they (or how could they) share this work and their findings with a larger audience? How could this work benefit others? …When unpacking science standards? …In other contexts?

How did this work transform the lesson?


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