I have served as a school librarian and media specialist for the past seven years and during that time I have instructed students in grades pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. Not only do I teach weekly lessons on information literacy skills, I also collaborate with teachers to create meaningful connections between what I am teaching in the library and what the students are learning in the classroom. Library lessons often include messy science experiences, 3-D recreations of historic battles, creating dog-tag poem necklaces, crawling through interactive bear caves, and so much more.

I am passionate about my work with educational technology. I have worked to digitize my school library’s resources by developing a library website, blog and social networking presence. I have found the importance of broadening the walls of the school through digital tools, providing my students with opportunities to connect with schools in China, France and Spain. By serving on the EdTech Task Force Team, I am also able to act as a liaison between what the students want and need and what the school is able to provide them with.

Aside from instructing students, I have also led a number of faculty workshops on topics ranging from effective search strategies to how to pack for a seven-day backpacking trip with sixty-nine seventh grade girls. Through these experiences, I was asked to serve as the New Faculty Coordinator, in which I act as mentor to all incoming faculty members.

In my relatively short time as an educator, I have assumed several leadership roles in the community: I was honored to be voted the President-Elect board member and former Membership Coordinator of the Independent School Library Exchange consortium. I have also served as Chairperson on the school’s Library Committee in preparation for accreditation.