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I am incredibly passionate about my work in education, this is more than a job for me. It’s a calling. I love to learn. I like to call myself a perpetual student and I find that that fire to learn is what helps me to connect to those around me. I want to help students become life-long learners; I want them to discover just how exciting each day can be when you’re curious. Like my students, I am still learning. That being said, there are a number of experiences and mentors that have contributed to my budding success as a school librarian and technology integration specialist:

Focusing_intently_in Google_Hangout
Photo Credit: Dr. David Wicks, “Focusing Intently in Google Hangout,” 2014.

While all equally important, my time in the Digital Education Leadership program, in particular, has had a profound influence on my life and career. Students in the program are guided through methods in “technology integration and current and emerging technologies necessary to effectively implement the ISTE Student and Teacher Standards” (International Society for Technology in Education, 2011). Inspired by the work of my classmate, Annie Tremonte, the following table highlights my exploration into each of the ISTE Student and Teacher Standards:

ISTE Student Standards ISTE Teacher Standards
1. Creativity and Innovation Reaching Reluctant Readers Through Book Trailers 1. Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity Connecting Students to Outside Professionals
2. Communication and Collaboration Connecting with Authors via Skype 2. Design and Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences and Assessments Mystery Skype: Reflection
3. Research and Information Fluency Teaching Research Using the Big6 Model 3. Model Digital Age Work and Learning Helping Teachers Choose the Best Tech Tools
4. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making Using Mind Maps to Help Conduct Effective Research 4. Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility Roll Out a Successful 1:1 Program Through Phases
5. Digital Citizenship Digital Badge Learning 5. Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership Create Individualized Opportunities for Professional Development
6. Technology Operations and Concepts Are Basic Computer Skills Still Important?

While I feel very confident in my knowledge of the ISTE Student and Teacher Standards (as well as the ISTE Coaching Standards, of which, this portfolio is aligned), my biggest takeaway from the Digital Education Leadership program, is my role as a mentor and school leader. Dr. Wicks’ program helps students to recognize their own strengths and use those skills to help other teachers to be successful.

Continuous Professional Development

Photo Credit: Becky Todd, “The Roaming Monkey Goes to NCCE,” 2016.

One professional development opportunity that I was introduced to during the Digital Education Leadership program was the annual Northwest Council for Computer Education (NCCE) Conference. NCCE is a “professional learning organization for educators and hosts the largest education technology conference in the Northwest […] NCCE delivers innovative and cutting-edge programming to Northwest educational leaders. NCCE’s conference and expo brings educators of all types and grade levels together to share discoveries and develop solutions for their greatest challenges—all while connecting to a global network of education resources” (NCCE, 2016).

I look forward to the annual NCCE Conference as three full-filled days that leave me feeling re-energized and ready to take risks. Some of my highlights from this year’s conference include:

  • The Roaming Monkey, a quasi-celebrity at the NCCE Conference, this little guy loves to take selfies with edtech educators
  • The Teacher-Librarian Summit, an entire day of “geeking out” with fellow tech-friendly school librarians
Photo Credit: Becky Todd, “The Roaming Monkey Meets Superstar Librarian, Andy Plemmons and Rockstar Librarian & NCCE President, Richard Snyder,” 2016.
  • Attending the inspiring and tear-worthy keynote speech by author and educator, Kevin Honeycutt
Photo Credit: Becky Todd, “The Roaming Monkey is Star Struck by Kevin Honeycutt,” 2016.
  • And of course, talking to potential students about the Digital Education Leadership program
Photo Credit: Becky Todd, “The Roaming Monkey Hangs with SPU at NCCE,” 2016.


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