The Authenticity of Online Lives

This week’s readings collided with real life in a very tangible way, leaving me with a great deal to grapple with and a lot to consider. I recently decided to take a break from Facebook, a decision that I knew would disconnect me from a network of people I have come to rely upon for support. After much deliberation, I took a hiatus from Facebook for the following reasons:

  • Is the image I am portraying on the site a true reflection of who I am and what is happening in my life? If it is not, I need to take some time to understand why and how I am putting forth a different representation of the person I am in the real world.
  • If I step away from Facebook, will I still have a network of people that care? Are the relationships I am cultivating online authentic? Would I feel comfortable having a conversation with the people that I communicate with online? Society is great at posting the good things that happen in life but what happens when life is hard? Where is our network then? If and when we do post the challenges we face, do others take the
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