Using Student-Created Book Trailers to Increase Library Circulation

I shared in a recent post that this quarter in the Digital Education Leadership program through Seattle Pacific University, I have been exploring the ASSURE Model, an instructional model used to design lessons that effectively incorporate the use of technology to enhance student learning. This model identifies six steps in the planning process and those steps form the acronym, ASSURE:

Image created by Becky Todd, Librarian/Media Specialist,
Image created by Becky Todd, Librarian/Media Specialist,

How Was This Model Used?

Using the ASSURE Model, I designed a student-created book trailer project, where students share their excitement of a favorite book in an effort to increase circulation rates and encourage reading for pleasure. Here you will find my plans for the project, following the ASSURE Model:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Reflection on the Process

I have started this project with my third grade class and it has been a huge success. The students are coming to library excited, ready to work and eager to move through the steps of the process. The students are still in the initial planning phases, but based on their work thus far, I anticipate the success will continue. One of the most exciting, unforeseen benefits of the introduction of this project has been the decline in behavioral management issues, the students are active and engaged, resulting in a positive, focused atmosphere.

In regards to the behind-the-scenes planning of the project, I am not a big fan of the ASSURE Model. It required a level of detail that felt a bit tedious and overwhelming, necessary steps that did not add to my level of understanding. I appreciate how much this planning process helped me to think about desired outcomes and how preparation can add to success, but it is not a model I will likely utilize in the future.


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